LiveAtlas – a Custom Frontend for Dynmap

Recently, I spent a lot of time diving into the Minecraft mod/plugin Dynmap.

It’s an awesome tool and if you run a Minecraft server and don’t know about it, you should check it out!

While trying to figure out how to setup a standalone web server for Dynmap, I came across LiveAtlas. It’s an alternative frontend for Dynmap (and also supports Squaremap, Pl3xmap and Overviewer) that adds a much sleeker interface to the web ui, as well as some cool features like being able to right-click on the map and get a context menu:

These kinds of things are big part of why I love the Minecraft community! The amount of high quality tools/plugs/mods that people have poured their time and skills into for the community are immense.


Installing LiveAtlas on your Minecraft server is extremely straightforward and easy. It literally functions as a “drop-in” replacement for Dynmap’s web GUI.

  1. Download the latest release of LiveAtlas
  2. Extract that into your dynmap/web folder
  3. Prevent Dynmap from overwriting the LiveAtlas index.html by changing the update-webpath-files to false in Dynmap’s Configuration.txt file (verions of Dynmap older than 3.3.2 need to set the index.html file to read-only)

The index.html file can be modified to add custom favicons and additional customization.

Are you using Dynmap or LiveAtlas on your server? How do you have it setup? Drop a comment below and let me know!

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