From Windows to Proxmox!

Since I built it nearly six years ago, my home server has run one flavor or another of Windows. It’s what I grew up on. It’s what I was used to.

As I started self-hosting more services and playing around with things like Docker, the benefit of having access to Linux became clear. At the time, WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) wasn’t available on Windows Server so I moved to Windows 10 and ran WSL/2 there. This worked for most use cases but there were things that just didn’t seem to play well with WSL.

I started to realize that having a dedicated Linux box was necessary…


After months of going back and forth with myself, I finally took the plunge and installed Proxmox so that I could virtualize whatever I needed on the fly, while also making the most of the limited hardware resources that I had. It took longer than expected, but thanks to Christian Lempa and Techno Tim’s fantastic tutorials on Proxmox (as well as TrueNAS) I was able to get everything up any running in a couple days!

And because I do everything backwards, one of the next items on my list is to put the whole thing on modern hardware!

I have tons of stuff that I want to setup/play around with and the idea is to try and document everything here as I go.

Still on the fence whether I want this blog to just be technical, or if I’m also going to include other hobbies/interests. I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out!

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