Jamf 300 Certified! 🥳

My two-cents: The 300, like the 200, contains a lot of surface level content. There is certainly more “meat” to this course/exam and the little bit of API content that is covered is great! I thought they could have spent more time on plists, as I’ve found them to be immensely useful for things like deferrals.

JamfHelper gets a fair chunk of time (I get it, it’s a built-in tool – let it shine), but I’m not sure who is still leveraging it in a world where things like swiftDialog exist.

(Don’t worry, I hear all of the people still on Catalina screaming in the back of the room. My response: Update already! 😂)

Anyway, my favorite part of these courses has been listening to other students talk about their environments, the issues they run up against, and how they go about solving those issues.

I love getting a different perspective on problems and their solutions!

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